About The Book of Everyone


We are looking for people to who believe that bringing people closer together through personalisation is a great way to earn a living. So far we have found 25 of these lovely people, all from very different backgrounds (spanning 12 different nationalities... including one person who believes he’s part Lego).

These people are writers, designers, technologists, marketers, mathematicians. They all have their hearts set on spreading a dollop of wonderful across the world. With over 500,000 customers in 175 countries so far, we’ve made a good start. We’ve successfully raised the capital to spread even bigger, fatter dollops of wonderful. And that makes us very happy.

We may talk nice and fluffy, but we’re tough on quality. You need to be super smart and absolutely on top of your game (or set on becoming on top of your game). We are a relatively small company, so you need to be able to make a real difference and carry much more than just your own weight.

If your own answer is a resounding YES, and you believe you may be happy here, you should know this too. We believe a happy workplace is a productive workplace, so we fill it with fresh fruit, cold beer, and free haircuts. We’re a few minutes away from the beach in Barcelona to ensure no one stays at their desk all day. We work hard, but we also make sure there’s time for lots of time out on the town, plus 2-3 team adventure trips each year.

Please apply for a position below, or if one doesn't suit you, send us a doodle of yourself and your cv and we'll be in touch when we have a suitable opening. Or just send a doodle. We like doodles.


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