About The Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone creates a one-of-a-kind, 50-page personalised book about anyone you choose, in seconds. It’s free to try, easy to use and it makes the perfect, unique gift.

Here’s the theory: everyone has a book in them. Everyone has a life story, and it’s as unique as their DNA. Wouldn’t it be cool, we thought, for everyone to have a book about themselves sitting on their shelf?

It was just a thought. Just a little seed, but once it was planted in our minds, we couldn’t abandon it. The more we talked about it, the more it grew. It wouldn’t go away. So, welcome to a company about our project: how we’re making it so that everyone can have their own book, about them, that’s beautifully made, illustrated, and creatively designed, filled with facts and figures and stories and memories and all the delightful things that make somebody somebody.

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